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Photos by @CrazyRouge/ Location: DOUBLE SIX SEMINYAK 3 bedroom penthouse

::PORTS1961 SS15 both dresses/ CAMILLA AND MARC hat/ JIMMY CHOO blue bag, heels/ RUPERT SANDERSON purple heels::

At a young age I learnt that my happiness should never be dependent on others. That said, it has never stopped me from doing things that made others smile. Like the weather, my mood had been equally gloomy all last week. As the sky clears, and the sun reappears, my high spirited, free, and happy self also reappeared. Especially today, everytime I close my eyes, it feel as if I’m drowning in bliss, and a content smile floats to the surface of my face.

Ride out the lows, and soak in the highs. When I look back at these photos, I remember my trip to Bali with @crazyrouge. It was a short four days, we got to stay at the most amazing penthouse at Double Six, but my most memorable moment might just be when we talked about our plans for the year. That invincible, anything is possible feeling really resided with me.