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Photos by @DerekHill/ Resort @ShantiMaurice/ Full travel feature on ELLE.COM.HK
::HOGAN dress, bag, shoes/ FENDI glasses::

One night last week as I was about to sleep I began thinking about my past relationships. Do you ever look back and think, what could I have done differently? Was it him, or was it me. Of course you never come to any real conclusions, but it’s something we all do every now and then.

Apparently, in life, we all have that one person. That one person from your past that makes you think if circumstances were slightly different, he/she coulda, woulda, shoulda been the love of your life. That almost perfect guy you were with when you were the almost perfect woman, at the almost perfect time. You seem to forget all the bad and remember only the good.

It’s a happy ending, and a blessing if you ask me.