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Photos by @DerekHill Resort @ShantiMaurice
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The most important thing for me when it comes to skincare is to protect, hydrate, and keep my skin moisturized. Especially when I will be exposed to lots of sunlight .
The key to a good healthy tan is hydrated skin, and a moisturizing sunscreen. It will give you a more natural, glowy look, as opposed to a greyish, dry looking tan.
The light creator CC cream is your best friend on any beach holiday because you get even, radiant looking skin while protecting your skin from the harmful rays.
If I know I will be taking a lot of photos that day I will also use the CC correction cream (in rose) under the BB cream. That way I can keep my make up to a minimum but still look made up for my photos. It has light reflecting particles that will catch just the right amount of light for healthy looking skin. =>

What are your secrets on protecting that precious skin of yours?