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::TODS all products/ 8Media productions/ Photos by @PAULJS100/ Makeup @Echo_Makeup/ Model @Dasheva_G::

The night before shooting this video, I had just arrived back from Bangkok at 2 am. We had one day to execute so it was do or die. I woke up bright and early at 6am (actually it was still dark out) for makeup and hair. Exhausted of course, but the excitement motivated me, and kept me awake till the end. My favorite scene to shoot and was most anxious about was the one with the Sophia Loren photo. In no capacity was I “working” with the icon, but the sheer magnitude of her beauty was enough to make me nervous. What if I do her portrait injustice?

Anyway, I have to just say, yet again, how much I enjoyed shooting this video. Here are some behind the scenes photos of our 16 hour day. If you haven’t checked out the video (Part One: YOUTUBE// VIMEO// YOUKU) (Part Two: YOUTUBE// VIMEO) please check them out!!

Hope you have an amazing week ahead,