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:: MARIE FRANCE VAN DAMME bathing suit/ EUGENIA KIM hat/ REVE BY RENE glasses::

“If you spend life worrying about what you’re missing out on, surely you’re never going to appreciate what’s in front of you.” The beauty of living is in it’s endless possibilities, there is always something bigger and better. Hopes and dreams. For me, living life to the fullest is to advance in life, to self improve, to achieve and experience new things. But if you never “stop and smell the roses” you will lose sight of why you’re trying so hard. We all have multiple purposes in life, it’s as much of a journey to fulfill those purposes as it is to figure out what they may be. Never lose motivation and the ability to inspire and be inspired. Do what makes you happy, and do everything with a smile. The rest will fall into place, you’ll see.