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::RIMOWA suitcases::

For the past three years, I’ve been traveling more and more: #CDDtravels. Every week, I find myself seeking travel opportunities. Being consumed by wanderlust is now a weekend activity. Australia, South Africa, South America, Mexico,Taiwan… and the list goes on. Earlier this year, when we made that trip to Greece, I knew I needed a new suitcase. Only a few brands came to mind as an option, and Rimowa is quite obviously in the top three.

Rimowa is really the only option when I travel alone, or have to carry two suitcases. The ease and smoothness of the wheels makes it seem as if the suitcases are light as a feather. I can have one hand pushing Two suitcases and have the other hand free to hold my passport, or an iced tea from starbucks. You kind of get the idea.

I insisted on getting the Rimowa Salsa Sport Multiwheel 75 because of it’s squared shape. It never made much sense to me, why, conventional suitcases split in half. The 3:7 ratio for the lid and body made complete sense. I can put my clothing and shoes in the main body of the suitcase and toiletries and chargers etc on the lid. The widened surfaces make it the perfect surface for a bag of any size to be comfortably perched on top.

A good suitcase is like a good travel partner. You can’t imagine traveling without it. And even if you can, you don’t want to.