Photos by PAUL S
:: BEC AND BRIDGE dress/ OROTON bag/ REVE BY RENE glasses::

Hong Kong is a fast paced, and demanding city to live in. It’s draining. You always gotta be doing something to feel like you’re keeping up. Although we’re only a few hours away from the best getaways, say Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Phillipines etc. Flights are relatively cheap and can be booked conveniently on your iphone. The only impediment is usually work, work, and more work.

I mentioned in this post (link) that instead of counting down days to my next trip out of HK. I’ve decided to spend more time exploring my beautiful city. After some extensive research, I found some photos of this amazing beach in Tuen Mun, called Lung Kwu Tan. I know how photos can be deceiving sometimes, so I journeyed into the new territories of HK with a bit of doubt. Paul and I were a bit behind schedule, so, when we arrived, the sun was already setting.

I have seen some amazing sunsets in many different countries but this one was truly touching and it left this gleaming fire that, to this day, still warms my heart. This one was close to home, hell, it is home. The waves were wide and menacing but gentle all at once. Hong Kong, you proved me wrong.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. They also say if you spend time watering your own grass, it will eventually be greener.  Recognising the power you have to improve your life in any way you desire, comes with age and an open mind. It’s not rocket science, but the difference between knowing and actually feeling it, is simply life changing.



2 thoughts on “THE GRASS IS GREENER

Runrun, SAYS: - 31 Jul 2014

I would like to recommend another place for enjoying the Hong Kong sunset. Go to Tolo Habour seaside around 18:00-19:30, You couldnt help but paying attention to the gradual changing between the round sky,the endless sea and the gentle sunset by lying on the rocks. Wish you enjoy yourself while discovering the Hong Kong nature xxx


    admin, SAYS: - 04 Aug 2014

    Thanks for your suggestion and tip! :) I have seen amazing photos of it before, it’s definitely on my list now. xx CDD