:: DENIM & SUPPLY RALPH LAUREN dress/ STUART WEITZMAN gladiator sandals/ PRADA double bag/ REVE BY RENE glasses::

Let me throwback Thursday to a fabulous Sunday. I’m an advocate for dressing lightly and comfortably, this outfit is a perfect example of that. A one piece dress and gladiator sandals, boom, i am good to go. Only in the recent year have I realized its ok to, well, wear flats to any occasion. One, because living in Hong Kong means tons of walking on uneven cement, up and down stairs, MTR, etc. Two, I’m 5’9, meaning im already abnormally tall in a land where the average height is what, 5’6? Three, Karl Lagerfeld made haute couture trainers. Four, I prefer not killing my feet when unnecessary. That’s all, good bye. ; )



2 thoughts on “THROWBACK TO SUNDAY

Near, SAYS: - 10 May 2014



    Near, SAYS: - 12 May 2014

    You are so cute and humorous. I really admire you cause I’m only 5’7 as a male, abnormally short in north China. But I don’t care about that. I accept what I am and what I have. And sometimes they call me cute too. Hahahaha~ ;p