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I came across a quote the other day by American poet Mary Oliver (link). She said “Rhythm is one of the most powerful pleasures… and when it becomes reliable, we are in a kind of body heaven.” Although she was probably referring to poetry, I took it completely out of context, and haven’t stopped thinking about this state of ‘body heaven’ she mentioned ever since. When you’re newly single big words like “powerful pleasures,” “reliable,” and “body heaven,” really strike a cord and hey, if this so called “rhythm” is the key to it all, Im going to give it a go.

Rhythm is a simple concept; a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound. We all listen to music, and dance sometimes, but I believe Mary’s idea was based on something more complex. If writing poetry is a form of rhythm in its own, what did she do to feel such powerful pleasures?  Did her rhythm of writing poetry come with experience? Does the level of her craft have anything to do with it?

Lets just say rhythm comes in only two forms. Rhythm of repetition, it’s simple and easy to find i.e music, routine, exercise. Rhythm of skill, not so simple, takes time, passion and dedication. It’s like when you’ve prepared extremely well for a speech, you go on stage with the confidence you’ll remember everything you want to say, the words roll out of your mouth as if you were born to give this speech. Heck, you may even have time to crack a joke on the spot to entertain the crowd. Or that sweet feeling you get when you see an exam question you’ve prepared for, the answer smoothly unfolds and magically appears on paper. To explain the complexity of this rhythm in simpler terms, you gotta know your shit.

At the end of the day, “good things come to those who work their butts off” and if all of the above is true, that pure “powerful pleasures” and “body heaven” can be achieved through mastering one skill or craft. Start questioning anything you do that distracts you from being masterful at what you do. Make it your life’s mission to be fucking great at one thing, not only then will you feel incredible but the ripple effect of what you achieve will inspire and touch so many more.



3 thoughts on “THE PURSUIT OF RHYTHM

Stephanie, SAYS: - 28 Apr 2014

was taking a break from revision and scrolled through my fb newsfeed to see that you had a new post on your blog, so i clicked on the link. and WOW. feeling so motivated after reading this post – was just what i needed! thank you for being so inspiring xx


    admin, SAYS: - 29 Apr 2014

    Hi Stephanie, thanks for reading my long blog post ;) good luck with your revision! xx


      Stephanie, SAYS: - 29 Apr 2014

      whoops just realised; i meant inspirational** (instead of inspiring lol gone a bit crazy) but anyways thank you :) love reading your blog posts!