Photos by Paulsta Wong

:: HOGAN bag and shoes/ KAREN WALKER sunglasses/ TRUE RELIGION jacket ::

It’s the week of love so what better way to show it than to wear your heart on your…heel. Valentine’s Day might be a little overrated, but whether you happily have a significant other or are happy having fun with friends, it’s always good to spread the love. MJ said all we need is L-O-V-E and he was right. So here I am, spreading my love to you.




2 thoughts on “HEARTBREAKER

Lyn, SAYS: - 13 Feb 2014

I absolutely love your sunglasses!
Every time I see Karen Walker sunnies I like them, even before knowing they are from KW! Says enough right?!
xo Lyn


Bing, SAYS: - 03 Mar 2014

stop smoking Cindiddy:( I heart you:)