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:: H&M white blouse/ TOPSHOP sequin skirt/ JIMMY CHOO pink rebel bag/ SUPER glasses/ CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA kitty flats::

Hi there… It’s been a while. It’s been a while since my last Shanghai visit. Levi’s invited me to attend the launch event of REVEL, their new and might i add, revolutionary, jeans collection. The event itself was a reminder of how much thought and hard work people in the fashion industry put into their work. Just what i needed to kick me back into gear. This year has been a whirlwind of many things, events and emotions. I must admit, i’ve been cheating on my blog with one too many offline projects ( not complaining) but i need to rethink my priorities and group my focus back to what i love most, blogging. I’ve been dying… dying for some inspiration. So, Thank you, Levi’s for inviting me to this event, for the awesome REVEL jeans and for the much needed alone time. Changes will be made gradually but i hope you like them :)