:: Iconic True 8 Salad/ Demon Black Caesar/ Vegetarian Taco Trio/ Salty Lemon & Seared Salmon salad/ 3B, Beef & Black Bean Sushi Burrito/ Hot Sichuan Chick Sushi Burrito/ Lobster and Onsen egg Beautisoup ::

It’s a bit hard to stick to a healthy diet in Hong Kong because of all the different varieties of fried, greasy food that’s around. Michelin-starred chef Alvin Leung, “demon chef” and genuis behind Bo Innovation, has given us another healthy yet tasty option with Beautifood’s creative salads and sushi burritos. Their salads are a modern and local twist on the classics like Caesar and Nicoise, and the vegetarian taco trio is a creative attempt to promote their ‘Green Mondays’, when Beautifood encourages people to replace proteins with fried bean curd. If you’re ever feeling for a quick, wholesome meal, the salads are a great value and perfect for takeaway.

Recommendations: Demon black Caesar- This salad is made with a dressing of Indonesian shrimp paste instead of anchovies and black garlic with olive oil, which gives it its interesting grayish black hue. The chicken is flavored with bacon and is super moist and tender because it’s cooked sous-vide for 2.5 hours. Definitely my favorite on the menu. Beautisoup: Build your own soup with their choice of ingredients– the onsen egg is a must order. The soup is made with shrimp powder, chicken broth, and Korean miso for a full flavor.

Beautifood, J Senses, GF Shop 3, 60 Johnston Road, Wanchai, +852 2860 0012and now opened in LKF, Shop B, The Plaza LKF, 21 D`Aguilar Street, Central




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Jonjon, SAYS: - 06 May 2013

Btw Lkf is open
Address is
Shop B, The Plaza LKF, 21 D`Aguilar Street, Central
Across from Haagen Daz