:: Steak tartare- US tenderloin, capers, gherkins, onion, brandy dressing/ Lobster bisque- cream and brandy scented soup, lobster/ Dover Sole Muniere- pan-fried, brown butter, lemon, white wine/ Seafood casserole- halibut, scallops, langoustines, green asparagus, pearl onions, romaine/ Roast Australian black Angus rib of beef/ Roasted lamb tasting platter/ Cherries jubilee- dark cherries, cinnamon, kirschwasser, vanilla ice cream/ Crepes Suzette- crepes, caramelized orange sauce, grand marnier, vanilla ice cream/ Baked chocolate souffle- grand marnier  and chocolate cognac sauce/ special chocolate ice cream surprise ::

Hong Kong’s dining scene is so full of old school HK style cafes and new molecular fushion restaurants that sometimes it may be hard to keep track of. One of the keys to longevity and vitality in Hong Kong is to stick to the classics and do them well, which is exactly how to sum up Hugo’s at the Hyatt Regency in Tsim Sha Tsui. I’ts one of the oldest restaurants in Hong Kong as it was around since 1947 when the Hyatt Regency was over at Nathan Road. It closed in 2005 and re-opened in 2009 at the new location that is a lot more convenient. The decor inside is warm with dark wood accents and certain medieval decorations hanging from the wall, and is one of the only restaurants in Hong Kong that have table-side cooking as a signature feature. It’s like a dinner and a show, what more could you ask for? Table-side cooking is not only interesting to watch, but it’s the perfect way to customize each dish to your flavor palette– like the steak tartare, the spiciness and heat of the dish can be adjusted to how you like. The lobster bisque was not too heavy but very creamy with large chunks of lobster. The Dover sole was flaky and moist, but the Angus beef definitely caught our eye as we were served large chunks of meat cut from the cart. Desserts are also a must-have because they have so many classic dishes. The chocolate souffle has a great texture that is light and airy and very rich in chocolate flavor. The crepe Suzette is also another great classic choice and comes with delicious, in-house made Vanilla ice cream.

Recommendations: Dover Sole Muniere- This dish is cooked to perfection and is a delicious, classic main dish. It comes with a light but flavorful and citrusy butter sauce and was one of my favorite dishes of the night. Cherries Jubilee- Ever since I first ordered this dessert on a cruise I went on with my entire family when I was younger, I always have to order it whenever I see it. It’s cooked table side, and really delicious. Every bite was like a wave of my childhood coming back to me.

Hugo’s, Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, +852 3721 7733



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EL, SAYS: - 16 Apr 2013

The steak tartare looks yum yum yum!!